Thursday, December 20, 2007

The secret of Shridhar Patankar's health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But for Shridhar Patankar it has been his cycle that has kept diseases at bay. And that is no mean feat, specially considering that he's nearing a century!

He is 91 years and the secret of his health, he avers, has been the fact that Patankar and his cycle have been inseparable for a long time now. From driving a private tourist bus from Mahabaleshwar to Pune in 1941 to joining the state transport bus service in 1949 to finally riding his cycle and transporting gas cylinders at homes on Pune Nashik road, the cycle has been his companion all through. “That has kept me fit and fine,” smiles Patankar.
So much so that doctors examining Patankar were amazed at his fitness levels. Says Dr Shirish Patwardhan, “It seems nothing short of a miracle.” Patwardhan, who is an avid cyclist, has known Patankar since 1997 and says he has practically zero ailments. “As part of my job to transport cylinders, I used to cycle at least 7-8 kms every day,” says Patankar.

After retirement too Patankar was active and cycled daily in the morning and evening. Yoga is also part of his daily routine and a head stand often keeps him on his toes! “Also, I often visit my daughter who stays at Kothrud and cycle all the way from Chinchwad,” says Patankar as he woefully grimaces because of the traffic scene in the city. The man is not just physically fit, his mind is equally alert and agile and he happily rattles away all his past experiences and even the fact that he wrote to the President of India, Pratibha Patil, about issues and concerns close to his heart, recently.

Well, like they say, where there's a wheel, there's a way.

Benefits of cycling:
Cycling is a great fun activity that is especially enjoyed by kids. It is a fantastic workout that not only enables one to derive pleasure, but also goes a long way in ensuring overall fitness.

There are innumerable benefits of cycling. For example, it minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease and provides protection from the clutches of health problems like strokes, diabetes and cancer, says Dr Shirish Patwardhan, an avid cyclist.

It also ensures that your blood pressure is under control. Pursuing cycling helps a great deal in building your stamina, to enable you to carry out your day-to-day activities effectively, adds Patwardhan, who rides his cycle along with a group of doctors to create awareness about safe motherhood among other health issues.

Cycling is one of the most effective exercises to shed off those extra calories and get rid of flabby abs. Even a small amount of cycling would be good enough to boost your metabolism level, thereby fastening your weight loss program. It helps to improve the overall balance and coordination. Not only, does it pave the way for maintaining health fitness, but also shows the way for leading a healthy peaceful life. So, cycle off your weight and tensions and watch a happy, stress-free life come your way.

Staying on track

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