Sunday, December 2, 2007

XITE, South India's first battery operated scooter - environment-friendly, cost effective and hassle free means of transportation

It moves silently, gives out no emissions and runs on rechargeable batteries. This is the XITE, the new generation green bike that hit the Indian roads this summer. Launched this July, the Chennai-based Kabirdass Motor Company has already sold over 600 Xites. ‘‘We were automotive component manufacturers and had enough experience in parts development and had contacts all over India. This gave us the idea of doing something innovative,’’ says Murali Kabirdass, the company’s managing director.

This is my second post on this blog. I started this blog with an idea to share my cycling experiences. Cycling, to me , was only a physical exercise and a mode of transport. But since, i have decided to go for "cycle to work", i am changing very fast. Yes, not only physically but mentally too. I have started seeing things which were, until now, invisible to me! For example this XITE! Today, I found this story, Green Bucks, on Indianexpress dot com.

You know, basically, i blog on Pune Real Estate. Obviously, I could only see the news stories about real estate. No, not anymore. Now, i can see lot more! I thought, i must share this information about XITE with you. After all, we Punekars love scooter. Isn't it? And on this Cycle2Work Blog, let us talk about roads, transportation and traffic in Pune, and all types of vehicles which will make our life better. What do you think? Isn't it the most important issue in our Pune?

So let us talk about XITE. I found some more information about XITE on IndiaPRwire dot com. This is their press release, published when the XITE was launched:

XITE’s three variants, 1) XITE - K101 LA 2) XITE - K100 LA 3) XITE K15 SI and ARROW are manufactured with state-of-the-art German technology.

XITE - K101: is 250 Watts and weighs 120 Kg and has enough luggage space and ideal for an office-goer

XITE - K100 LA: is a much sleeker and slimmer model which will be ideally suited for students.

Charging: overnight for a period of 7 to 8 hours can run for approximately 60 Km.

XITE - K101 LA and XITE - K100 LA: can reach a maximum speed of 25 km

XITE - K15 SI and ARROW: models can touch up to 80 km / hr.

The pricing: for the vehicles range between Rs. 28,000/ Rs. 45,000.

XITE - K101 andXITE - K100: models require no license and registration.

Mr. Murali Kabirdass also added, “Riding XITE will save a lot of trouble for the rider in terms of saving on fuel, almost nil running costs, no regular servicing required and most importantly no air and noise pollution.

On Indianexpress dot com, Jaya Menon reports that the company, Kabirdass Motor Company, has embarked on an expansion plan to indigenise the production of critical components and is looking at an investment of Rs 106 crore.

‘‘We now have one assembly line with a capacity to manufacture 40,000 bikes per annum. We will increase it to five lines next year and make it to 10 in the next five years. The overall capacity will be 1,000 bikes per day within five years and the market for this India and several countries abroad,’’ says Kabirdass.

Kabirdass, i wish you all the best and launch XITE in Pune as soon as you can!

Please, let me know what do you think about electrical bikes in the comments.

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  1. hi,
    I did test drive. It is having very high pick up. If we increase throttle scooter is jumping then it is moving. otherwise pulling the load, speed, climbing high bridges all are ok.