Thursday, January 3, 2008

Driving a car in Pune would be more difficult if things go according to the Pune Municipal Corporation's City Improvement Committee's parking policy!

Because once you drive out of the showroom of a car dealership you can not park your car anywhere in the Pune city except in your reserved car parking space at home.

Have a look at the draft parking policy approved by the city improvement committee (CIC) of Pune Municipal Corporation:

Information Technology (IT) offices: 5 cars, 12 two-wheelers and 5 cycles per 200 sq mt area

Malls: 4 cars, 12 scooters and 4 cycles per 100 sq mt carpet area

Theatre Multiplexes, Cinema-houses and Concert Halls: 6 cars and 20 two-wheelers per 40 seats

Marriage and community halls: 5 cars, 20 scooters and 8 cycles per 100 sq mt

Colleges: will have to increase it by 50 per cent

Government offices and Malls : will have to double theirs

Coaching classes, tuition and hobby classes: 5 two-wheelers and 10 cycles

Residential complexes where each tenement has a carpet area of 150 square metre and above, will have to increase the space for vehicles from 2 cars to 3 cars and 2 scooters to 4 scooters.

Tenements with 80 to 150 square metre area will have to increase their capacity from 1 car to 2 cars, and 2 scooters to 3 scooters.

Moral of a story: Keep your car parked in your reserved car park at home and cycle to work and cycle to shopping mall!
-The Times of India

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