Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Keep Fit Body and Clothes by Eco friendly Combo from GO Green BITS, Pilani, Students

Washing Machine driven by Bicycle:

Market is flooded with combos of the itunes-ipod kindHDTV-Digital Frame kind etc to cater to the high end of the consumer segment and its high time to care for the huge middle class segment in urban areas and rural areas.

In the present scenario, power cut is a common problem in all parts of India and at the same time due to very hectic life schedule; health is also a major area of concern.

To address these issues, a working model of a washing machine driven by bicycle has been designed and fabricated. It was successfully demonstrated at Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani Rajasthan "APOGEE-2008", which is one of the top ranking technical festivals in India today.
The washing machine driven entirely by muscular power, apart from its main purpose of washing clothes also provides an added benefit of physical exercise to the user.
This machine operates without electricity hence Eco-friendly and safe to operate. The machine serves the dual purpose of washing machine and exerciser.

It is cost effective as the total cost incurred in fabricating the working model is about Rs.4000/- while the conventional exerciser costs around Rs.3500/- and washing machine around Rs.8500/- with electricity charges extra.
This could be a real boon to the rural areas where electricity is a rare commodity and to the urban areas where keeping fit and energy saving are top issues.
Chancellor Dr KK Birla who visited the Pilani campus on March 14, 2008 appreciated the efforts of the team.

The combo model also won the First Prize under the Environment category in APOGEE 2008.

This model has been developed by Proud to be BITSians Mr. Ganesh Soni, Mr.Haribabu Gurram and Ms. Seema Sharma under the guidance of BITS Faculty Manoj Soni for whom Energy Research is a Mission with Passion from Mechanical Engineering Department of the Institute.

Several alumni of the Institute have shown keen interest in this down to earth thinking project.

About BITS Pilani: Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani Rajasthan which has set the industry university collaboration bench mark in India today is one among the top ranking universities offering degrees in various disciplines presently at Pilani, Dubai, Goa campuses and in the short future at Hyderabad campus apart from an array of work integrated learning programmes for HRD of a vast spectrum of Indian corporates. The alumni of the Institute are spread across the globe from Australia to America.

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