Monday, March 3, 2008

Pune transport policy - an attempt to resolve Pune's traffic woes and improve transport system

Pune Municipal Commissioner, Pravinsinh Pardeshi, said that it was an attempt to assess and evaluate city’s transport system to determine the bases for different modes of transport feasible for the city.

"The Pune Transport Policy is based on the national urban transportation policy. It is a base document to set transport norms for the city." Pardeshi said that one of the objectives of the policy was to enable movement of people instead of movement of vehicles.

"With abnormal growth of private vehicles, there are more vehicles on roads than people. Our focus is on improving footpath network and non-motorized transport."

Pardeshi said that another area that needs attention is public transport. "We have tried to identify public transport corridors with higher flow of traffic and also which corridor should have what kind of transport."

When asked what would be the difference between the transport policy and the comprehensive mobility plan, Pardeshi said the transport policy would be a base document concerning the objectives of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in terms of improving transport system in Pune.

Some of the important proposals tabled in the policy are increasing the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) bus fleet to 1,650 buses, which will include low floor, super fast and air-conditioned buses.

In order to improve the financial condition of PMPML, parking charges for personal vehicles are proposed to be increased and revenue would be generated from giving advertisement rights on PMPML buses.

It has also been proposed that every road should have footpaths.
-The Times of India

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  1. There should be enough, well planned and sophisticated point-to-point transportation systems.

    Thus though every individual will have a private vehicle, those vehicles need not come out daily for going to work. They should be used only for family outing.

    Quite similar to way mumbai runs.

    I dream of the day, when there will be special locals/transports that would have cycle stands. So that you cycle from home to nearest station, board the train with cycle. Get Down at the destination and again cycle ahead.

  2. Hello Pradeep! Yes, you and me, we share the same dream! Surprisingly, even the policy has the same view. I was shocked when i did not see anything on cycle tracks. So i read the original Urban Transport Policy. Policy talks about the facilities for cycle and non-motorized vehicles. Only problem is we are few in numbers who think on these lines so i am worried about the implementation. Of course, i have started using cycle as you and i wish to use. Thanks! It was nice talking to you.