Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Be kind to your e-bike!

As petrol prices are hitting the roof, battery-operated bikes or e-bikes are becoming popular. Particularly, in the middle aged office going population and housewives. Mostly this group has to travel short distance. Because of the age and temperament speed of the e-bike is also not an issue for them.

Electric and Petrol Scooter:

Plus, most of the e-bikes do not look much different from the petrol scooters. If you come across anybody who has recently purchased an e-bike and ask him about the performance of his vehicle, he will tell you "It's "electric" scooter. Not much different from the petrol scooter. Actually, after i started using it, in the first week, you know, two three times i went to the petrol pump and stood in the line. It is just like a scooter! A scooter without petrol!"

Maintenance free maximum performance:

Not finding any difference in the performance and forgetting that it is not a petrol scooter is a good way of telling how happy you are about your e-bike. But if you really want to enjoy 'maintenance free maximum performance' of your e-bike you should always remember that it is not a petrol scooter. It's battery operated bike. No, i am not talking about the battery fuse. I am talking about the load carrying capacity of your e-bike.

Excess weight:

You have to keep in mind that these bikes can only take limited loads. You can not carry as much load as you can, like you used to on your petrol scooter. Excess weight may affect the wiring of your e-bike which may have to be replaced.

Over weight:

Excess weight is a typical middle age issue, we all face. Of course, now scientists have found a simple but effective way of keeping "a diet diary" to lose the weight. However, you have to be kind to your e-bike and carry a limited load. If weight is a big issue at your home you can follow Mr. Singh, who says, "“I avoid taking my wife along as the battery cannot bear the load of well-built grown up people for a very long time and the vehicle packs up.”


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