Thursday, July 31, 2008

UK-based Ultra Motors launches a high-range electric scooter, Marathon, priced at Rs 31,047 in India, which travels 100 km on a single charge

"Marathon is primarily targeted at 24-plus year olds, riding a petrol scooter or a moped and who are looking at economy and utility," Ultra Motor India Director (Marketing) Deba Ghoshal told reporters.

The price of running an electric two wheeler works out to only 10 paise per km, the cost of charging the battery, he claimed.

The company had set sale target of 60,000 units during this fiscal. Last year, Ultra Motors, in partnership with Hero Exports, sold 22,000 ultra powered electric two-wheelers across the country, he said.

In fiscal 2007-08, the company had a technical collaboration cum-joint marketing agreement with Hero Exports to produce and jointly market electric two-wheelers in India.

He said it was proposed to increase the dealerships across India from 150 to 275, thereby ensuring a pan-India presence.

Ultra Motors has plans to invest Rs 140 crore in three years in product development, marketing and distribution.

Pointing out that Kerala offers a huge potential for electric two-wheelers, he said Ultra Motors has received good response for 'Velociti' electric two-wheelers launched four months ago. About 300 units were sold in just four months.

With rising petrol prices, customers have a good option in electric two-wheelers, he said, adding that there was good response in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, where electric two-wheelers were launched.

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  1. Hi Ravi
    Your article doesn't mention the split-off between Ultra and Hero, which has led to the two companies competing against each other as well as creating a larger marketspace.