Thursday, August 7, 2008

To conserve energy and cut carbon emissions, Tainan city government, Taiwan, announces every Friday as "Bicycle Day"

Hope Pune Municipal Corporation does something like this!

But we do not have to wait for PMC to announce! We can decided to use cycle at least one day in a week! Problems? They are same every where. In even in Taiwan! Read the news and you will say "Who is talking? Me?":
The city government said 51 percent of its employees have indicated that they will be able to participate in "bicycle day," while 49 percent said that they will have difficulty doing so.

Those who said they will have difficulty cited reasons such as frequent bicycle thefts, lack of bus stops near their homes, the need to use cars to transport their children to and from school, long distances to the city government offices and the inability to ride a bicycle.

Some female employees said they were unwilling to walk or ride bicycles to work because of personal safety concerns, while others pointed to the poor quality of the city's roads.

- The China Post

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