Monday, November 17, 2008

To discourage private vehicles from congesting roads - increase parking fee and decrease parking duration

PMC civic administration Vs. Civic general body

The civic general body had on October 23 approved the civic administration proposal for charging parking fees. Before giving it the go ahead, the actual proposal was amended.

The civic administration had originally proposed a parking fee of Rs 5 per hour for the first three hours and Rs 10 per hour thereafter for four-wheelers. For two-wheelers, a fee of Rs 2 per hour was proposed.

The general body approved it with the parking fee of Rs 5 per hour and Rs 15 for ten hours, for four-wheelers. This was far less than the original proposal for long duration of parking. For two-wheelers, the charges of Rs 2 per hour were approved, but the general body kept the maximum at a mere Rs 5 for 10 hours.

“The purpose of discouraging private vehicles on roads by increasing parking charges cannot be achieved with the approved proposal. That’s why the civic administration decided to table it again,” a civic officer said.

The move comes on the backdrop of the state government expressing concern over increasing parking problems in urban areas due to rising number of private vehicles.

Activist Sujit Patwardhan of Pune Traffic and Transport Forum (PTTF) expressed shock at the way the proposal was amended. “The changes in the civic administration proposal shows the elected representatives’ lack of understanding of the issue,” he said. Although a parking fee of Rs 2 for two-wheelers was welcome, Patwardhan said the general body decision did not achieve the aim of discouraging private vehicles on the roads.

“The plan to increase ticket charges of Pune Mahanagar Parivan Mahamandal (PMPML) and the low parking fee for private vehicles will encourage more vehicles on the roads,” Patwardhan said.

Prashant Inamdar of Pedestrian First said the general body decision had converted public places into private parking spaces for long durations at a cheaper rate.

“Long duration parking should be discouraged. There should be incremental charges after two hours,” he said. The parking space on city roads is mostly occupied by shopkeepers and their employees which in turn creates inconvenience to the visitors who park for short durations, Inamdar said, alleging that the corporators had taken the decision in the interest of shopkeepers. - Express India

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1 comment:

  1. I fail to understand why people suggest unfair practices to solve the issue.

    Increase parking fees is illegal.

    For one, all vehicles have paid road tax and they can occupy certain space all teh time on road. Only if parking is creating congestion, then fees is ok otherwise not.

    Second, we need to attack root cause than symptom. Root cause is non-availability of better commuting options like public transportation in Pune. It needs to be provided first. For example, half of the Pune travels to Hingwadi but we have a PMT bus from Puen to hingewadi almost once in an hour, that too crowded, on a route than resemblems Pune -darshan.

    Attack this. Start a PMT depot at hingewadi and put brand new vehicles in there commutingn in office hours to all parts of Pune city.

    Half of the pune cars will be OFF the road.

    Public tramsport is the solution. Attackign symptom is not fair and will draw flack from people.