Thursday, January 1, 2009

A hybrid year for auto!

The all-electric Reva has also seen tepid sales in India, even though it has had moderate success in the UK (as the G-Whiz), because despite virtually no duties, it still costs over Rs 3 lakh.

The real growth story will unfold, however, in the electric twowheeler market that has seen strong growth in the last couple of years.

According to some industry estimates, the e-bike market in India is estimated to grow from 170,000 units in 2007-08 to 240,000 units this year.

Ultra Motors expects to sell around 60,000 units this year. Electrotherm India has also jumped in, with scooters under the YoBikes brand name.

However, problems persist both in terms of technology and marketing of e-bikes. For starters, the battery technology remains limited to lead acid variants, with mileage of not more than 80 km per charge. More modern variants are expensive, adding to the overall cost of the vehicle, making it unaffordable to consumers. While Pune-based Ace Group (Motors) has tried to locally manufacture batteries to slash costs, it's only a small step in cost reduction.

While smaller 100-150 watt bikes don't require a two-wheeler licence to ride, larger scooters housing a 250-watt engine does require one.
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